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Volume 3, Issue 11, 2013

A Preliminary Evaluation Study for M-learning Services and Implications for Future Design Mohammad Alnabhan, Ahmad Haboush Department of Computer Science, Jerash University, Jerash, Jordan. Ja’afer M. AL-Saraireh, Management Information Systems Department, Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan. Nasim Matar, Internet Technologies department, Zarqa University, Zarqa, Jordan. Abstract— This paper presents a preliminary investigation into the contextual… Read More »

Volume 5, Issue 3, 2015

Evaluating E-portfolio System Use within Educational Context Nasim Matar Department of Software Engineering Applied Science University , Amman – Jordan. Abstract—This paper presents a new approach for setting criteria towards evaluating e-portfolio use within educational context. The urge for considering e-portfolio systems in current educational context is becoming more vivid, as many systems are developed… Read More »

Volume 5, Issue 5, 2015

Answer Extraction for Why Arabic Questions Answering Systems: EWAQ Fatima T. AL-Khawaldeh Department of Computer Science, Al-Albayt University, Al-Mafraq, Jordan. Abstract – with the increasing amount of web information, questions answering systems becomes very important to allow users to access to direct answers for their requests. This paper presents an Arabic Questions Answering Systems based… Read More »