The Impacts Factors of Using The Smartphone at Work Environments in Developing Countries: The Case of Saudi Arabia

By | July 27, 2018

Abstract—   Smartphones   are   now   an   integral   part   of   people’s   daily   life   activities   due   to   their   advanced   features.   While   this   ostensibly offers   great   convenience,   it   also   entails   great   psychological   challenges   due   to   the   constant   ubiquity   of   information   to   which   users   are exposed,   particularly   with   regard   to   work   environments.   Smartphones   and   anytime,   anywhere   connectivity   have   caused   the   sphere   of work   to   spill   over   into   the   realm   of   private   life,   and   vice-versa.   This   study   explores   the   impact   of   using   smartphones   in   the   work environment,   primarily   focusing   on   Saudi   organizations   as   a   case   study   representative   of   developing   countries   with   high   smartphone penetration.   Open-ended   interviews   were   conducted   with   54   managers   from   different   organizations   in   Saudi   Arabia.   Analysis   of   the   results revealed   that   performance   and   regulations   were   the   main   factors   that   affected   the   use   of   smartphone   in   work   environments,   which   is helping to gain a better understanding of current challenges facing many organizations.

Keywords- Management Information Systems; Smartphones; Management; Information Technology; Employee Performance.


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