New Automatic Search and Update Algorithms of Vietnamese Abbreviations

By | August 11, 2018

Nguyen Nho Tuy, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, (VNPT) Danang Branch, Danang City, Vietnam.
Phan Huy Khanh, University of Science and Technology, – The University of Danang, Danang City, Vietnam.

Abstract- Abbreviations in documents are widely used in various fields and in many languages including Vietnamese. In fact, currently, abbreviations are regularly repeated and unclearly used, demand for abbreviation use is increasing, which requests a plentiful source of abbreviations which is conveniently saved and used, easily updated and consistently exploited. In this article, we propose some abbreviation search algorithms on the Internet in order to automatically update into database of Vietnamese abbreviations for many purposes during language processing and database exploitation.

Keywords- abbreviation; acronym; database; abbreviation searching programs; automatic search Vietnamese abbreviations.

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