Volume 3, Issue 6, 2013

By | September 4, 2018

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Routing Using Ant Colony Optimization

Aws Kanan, Taisir Eldos, Mohammed Al-Kahtani
Department Of Computer Engineering, College of Computer Engineering and Sciences, Salman in Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.

Abstract— Ad-Hoc wireless networks are self-organizing multi-hop wireless networks, where all the nodes take part in the process of forwarding packets. Ad-Hoc networks can quickly and inexpensively be set up as needed since they do not require any fixed infrastructure, such as base stations or routers. Therefore, they are highly applicable in many fields such as emergency deployments and community networking. The function of a routing protocol in Ad-Hoc network is to establish routes between different nodes. Ad-Hoc routing protocols are difficult to design in general, for two main reasons: the highly dynamic nature of these networks due to the high mobility of the nodes, and the need to operate efficiently with limited resources, such as network bandwidth, limited memory and battery power of the individual nodes in the network. Moreover, routing protocols in Ad-Hoc networks, unlike static networks, do not scale well due to frequently changing topology, lack of predefined infrastructure like routers, peer-to-peer mode of communication and limited radio communication range. In this paper, we apply the Ant Colony evolutionary optimization technique to the routing problem, where more of those desirable characteristics can be implied in the guided probabilistic choice of paths. Simulations of a routing based on the biological system referred to as Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) are conducted, taking into account several factors to analyze its adaptive nature.

Keywords- Ant Colony; Optimization Algorithm; Ad-Hoc Networks; Routing Potocols; AntNet.

The Effect of Weight Factors Characters on Password Selection

Ghadeer Ali Shaheen, Ahmad Al Jaber, Alaa Al Hamami
Department of Computer Science,Amman Arab University, Jordan.

Abstract— The world of today is ruled by the internet, where everyone from individuals to institutions stores their information on it. Passwords are one of the important things for any system , it have been used for a long time in many applications, such as logging into computer accounts , Email , banks , shopping online, transferring funds , accessing program , database , networks , portals dating and social networking sites all require passwords. Due to the limitation of human memory, people are inclined to choose easily guessable passwords that lead to severe security problems. In this paper, we will propose a new program that create strong password based on factors characters weight method, the length of password, diversity of its characters using Huffman coding compressing algorithm. As a result to the experimental work, we conclude that the proposed program provides the user with several password suggestions to select a safe, strong password and avoid any hacking programs or techniques guesses the password.

Keywords- Passwords; Hacking; Internet security; Password Meter; Huffman Coding.

Apple IOS Devices for Network Administrators

Timur Mirzoev, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, USA.
Gerard Gingo; Mike Stawchansky; Tracy White
Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, USA.

Abstract— As tablet devices continue to gain market share at the expense of the traditional PC, they become a more integral part of the corporate landscape. Tablets are no longer being utilized only by sales executives for presentation purposes, or as addition to the traditional laptop. Users are attempting to perform significant amounts of their daily work on tablet devices, some even abandoning the ubiquitous laptop or desktop entirely. Operating exclusively from a tablet device, specifically Apple IOS tablet devices creates unique challenges in a corporate environment traditionally dominated by Microsoft Windows operating systems. Interactions with file shares, presentation media, VPN, and remote access present barriers that users and helpdesk support are unfamiliar with in a relation to an iPad or iPhone. Many solutions are being offered to these challenges some of which are analyzed by this manuscript.

Keywords – iOS; devices; tablets; mobile; network; file share.

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