Volume 4, Issue 5, 2014

By | August 11, 2018

Mobile Application Threats and Security

Timur Mirzoev, Michael Brannon, Shamimara Lasker, Mark Miller
Information Technology Department, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA USA.

Abstract— the movement to mobile computing solutions provides flexibility to different users whether it is a business user, a student, or even providing entertainment to children and adults of all ages. Due to these emerging technologies mobile users are unable to safeguard private information in a very effective way and cybercrimes are increasing day by day. This manuscript will focus on security vulnerabilities in the mobile computing industry, especially focusing on tablets and smart phones. This study will dive into current security threats for the Android & Apple iOS market, exposing security risks and threats that the novice or average user may not be aware of. The purpose of this study is to analyze current security risks and threats, and provide solutions that may be deployed to protect against such threats.

Keywords- mobile security; mobile threats; Android; Apple iOS; malicious applications; mobile hardware.

Current Practices in Monitoring Software Development Process in Malaysia

Megat Azrin Ahmad, Nor Hasbiah Ubaidullah, Modi Lakulu
Computing Department, Faculty of Art, Computing & Creative Industry, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia.

Abstract— The aspect of monitoring is one of the important factors to determine the success of software development. Failure to produce the good quality software, being late to produce, over budget and fail to meet the needs of users are considered as software crisis. A survey pertaining to the practice of monitoring the software development process in Malaysia had carried out. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data. The data analysis was carried out by using basic statistical techniques such as frequency and distribution. The finding found problems in software development related to monitoring practice still exist causing the failure in software projects. The finding of this survey had given important information for further survey in the area of monitoring the software development process.

Keywords- monitoring of software development; monitoring practice and software project management.

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