Volume 5, Issue 1, 2015

By | August 11, 2018

Comparative Study of Neural Network Based Speech Recognition: Wavelet Transformation vs. Principal Component Analysis

Yasser Mohammad Al-Sharo
University of Ajloun National, Faculty of Information Technology , Ajloun, Jordan.

Abstract – Speech recognition is an important part of human-machine interaction which represents a hot area of researches in the field of computer systems, electronic engineering, communications, and artificial intelligence. While speech signal is very complex and contains huge number of sampling points, the extraction of features from its time and frequency domain is very complex by analytical methods. The neural network capabilities to estimate the complex functions make it very reliable in such applications. This paper presents speech recognizer based on feed forward neural network with multi-layer perceptron structure. The speech is preprocessed by two methods; discrete wavelet transformation (DWT) and principal component analysis (PCA). The results and structure are presented and comparison is making over them.

Keywords – Neural Networks; MLP; Voice; Sound Recognition; Wavelet Transformation; Principal Component Analysis.

Securing VoIP in SIP Mobile Network

Zaid Salah Munef, Master’s Degree in Computer Science Amman Arab University, Amman, Jordan.
Alaa Hussein Al-Hamami, Dean of Computer Sciences & Informatics College Amman Arab University, Amman, Jordan.

Abstract – Lately, the development and progress have become significant in the field of information technology, especially in the field of data transmission via internet. One kind of the data transfer is voice. This part of the development in the field of mobile devices, which is possibility supplying the device by internet service .These developments in the field of technology are concurring many problems, where it had a direct impact on this development and the turnout by the users.
In this paper, the model’s implementation has done on a mobile device (Which is operating by (Android) system). The sound transfer process has been via the internet using the SIP server to authenticate and reliability the communication process between two parties, after that RSA algorithm (key size used 1024 bit) is using of increased the encryption keys strength and exchanged between the two parties and to ensure that the packet transmitted every time. (AES) algorithm used to encrypt the package, choosing this algorithm that is very effective, which is associated with the encryption speed. Key size used in the model with AES is (256 bit) to ensure the secured and speed of the proposed operation.

Keywords – VoIP; AES; RSA; SIP; UDP; TCP.

Role of Component Certification in CBSE Activities for Building High Quality Software

Lina khalid Ahmed
Department of Software Engineeing Zarqa University Amman ,Jordan.

Abstract— one of the main goals of software engineering is to build a software product of a high quality and then improve this quality. CBSE (Component Based Software Engineering) is the most important approach to build such type of product and that is because CBSE depends on the ability to choose the most appropriate components in order to use them in a specific application. The only way to choose the precise component is through its certifications. This paper defines the component certification and its role in the CBSE and then describes how this certification is used for building a high quality software product.

Keywords- Component; Component interfaces; CBSE approach; Component certification; CQM.

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