Volume 8, No. 1, 2018

By | August 10, 2018

Crack Detection on Concrete Surfaces Using V-shaped Features

Yoshihiro Sato, Yue Bao, Yutaro Koya
Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo City University, Tokyo, Japan.

Abstract— For the maintenance of concrete structures, cracks are an important indicator to determine the repair priorities. Until a few years ago, it was visually inspected by workers. Recently, the crack detection methods by using image analysis have been proposed. But, the methods are difficult to detect the cracks on the concrete surface with unevenness and stains. In this paper, we propose a crack detection method using V-shaped Features and propose a V-shaped detector for detecting V-shaped Features. The V-shaped detector is possible to detect cracks with a high degree of accuracy. It is possible to perform noise processing using the shape and size of the crack detected by V-shaped Features. Several experiments were carried out using this proposal method. As the results of the experiments, it was confirmed that cracks of 0.2 mm or less can be detected.

Keywords-component; crack detection; image processing; remote detection; breakage inspection; V-shaped features.

Citation: Yoshihiro Sato, Yue Bao, Yutaro Koya, “Crack Detection on Concrete Surfaces Using V-shaped Features”, The World of Computer Science and Information Technology Journal (WSCIT). 2018 Volume 8, Issue 1, pp.1.6.

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